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There is a lot of nonsense being spread about the IDF attacks on Hamas and the mass of civilian casualties. As of Nov 16, 18:00 GMT 27 people have been killed on the Palestinian site including 4 children. No word on how many were Hamas fighters. Same day over 50 children died in a bus in Egypt just to put it in perspective.

Some really bad people dare to suggest that the cowards from Hamas are hiding their rocket-launchers in populated areas so Israël is almost forced to make civilian casualties. But of course this is not true, there is simply not enough room in the very densely populated Gaza Strip.

As I answered this is al lot of bullshit, there are many unpopulated areas in Gaza. Using Dutch help:

..over 450 tons of strawberries, 250 tons of tomatoes, 50 tons of pepper and 9,000,000 flower units were exported

You can hide a lot of rocket-launchers between those tomato plants. Here a tip for Hamas.