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Syrian spillover? Salafis rumored to be expanding ‘holy war’ into neighboring states

NATO backed soldier brings Democracy to Syria

NATO backed soldier brings Democracy to Syria

Syrian Jihadi Salafi groups have begun pushing to carry out military acts in neighbouring states such as Jordan, Islamist sources say, creating new divisions among Islamist militants fighting in the country.

According to an Islamist source, foreign Jihadi Salafis in Syria have begun a push to “expand” their so-called holy war into Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey amidst their ongoing campaign against Damascus.

The new drive comes in direct contradiction with the declared stance of the Jabhat Al Nusra Li-ahl Al Sham — the largest Jihadi Salafi coalition in Syria, which has reportedly played a pivotal role in rebel gains across the country in recent weeks — which has restricted its fighters to military acts against Syrian regime forces.

“There is concern among Jabhat Al Nusra leaders that many of these foreign fighters are bringing with them a foreign agenda,” said Mohammed Abu Suleiman, a Jihadi coordinator with ties to Jabhat Al Nusra.

“The last thing we want is to have outside groups hijack our battle to defend the Muslim nation from the Godless regime of Assad.”

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