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Syria-120-animated-flag-gifsLast night the Israeli DebkaFile website admitted the defeat of the Western mercenaries in their struggle to overtrow the Syrian government and its President Assad. Also Russian media report the failure of the terrorist to seize important targets

Pretty early this conclusion but Debka (with it’s Mossad connections) is very often right in its articles, although some terrorist groups are still refusing negotiations said Russian FM Lavrov

But this shows that Israel has given up on the overthrow of President Assad and rather sees a stable government in Syria than radical Al-Qaida groups whose violence would probably spill across its Golan border.

According to Debka the biggest losers are the United States, the Gulf emirates and Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey. The winners: the Tehran-Damascus-Hizballah alliance and Russia.

Let’s not forget to mention the xxx civilians who died, accurate figures will probably never surface. Off course according to Debka all casualties are caused by the “regime”. Yeah our heroic bearded NATO soldiers only fire waterpistols. The numerous videos of beheadings and slaughter of innocent civilians by the “peaceful opposition” on YouTube/Liveleak will soon be deleted.

Nearly one million people had to flee the terror mainly caused by gangs of Western sponsored Al-Qaida groups,trying to impose sharia law in this secular country.

Respect for the Syrian people and the men and women of the Syrian Army who withstood the Western desire for “regime-change”. Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo and Libya where not that lucky.

UPDATE 27-02-2013

It looks like Putin’s iron fist is starting to work. US Secretary of State John Kerry and British Foreign Secretary William Hague are now pressuring the “oppositon” to return to the table or else. See Breakthrough in Syria and Russia seeks direct talks in Syria for more details.

UPDATE 28-02-2013

Now we have Iraq and Israel who are not happy with a victory by the “Rebels”:

Backers of Syrian rebels endanger Iraq – Iraqi minister

U.S. official: Iraq continues to allow Iranian overflights to Syria

Al-Qaida, not Assad, is Syria’s real problem

And the Armenians in Iran:

Iran’s Armenians demand Turkey’s non-interference in Syria crisis

Hopefully Syria will in a while again be the beautiful country with a hart of gold it was before.