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Syria-120-animated-flag-gifsYesterday there was a conference of the so called Friends of Syria in Rome. Of the starting 100+ countries and organisations only 11 attended this conference. The main star, the Syrian opposition, had to be forced by the new U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to attend. Just a day earlier Kerry was told by Russia’s PM Putin to drag the opposition to the negotiating table “or else”.

Kerry had to hand out some presents to the Syrian opposition (SNC) so he promised $ 60 million in non lethal aid with a sauce of some armored vehicles which will get blasted away by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in no time. This despite Human aid groups warning against aiding Syrian rebels:

“This is the wrong approach,” says one aid expert for a humanitarian relief organization working in Syria that receives funding from USAID. “The ability of US-backed humanitarian actors to get aid into Syria depends on us being an impartial actor and responding to real needs.”

But nevertheless the leader of the SNC called the conference a success and thanked the Italian government.

Even the $ 1.5 billion in aid pledged by the Gulf Countries (GCC) has failed to reach its target.

But talking about giving non lethal aid, for over a year the U.S. has secretly been training rebels in bases near the Syria’n border for three reasons:

– To seize control of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal

– To prevent the rebelcommand being taken over by Islamist groups like Al-Nusra.

– To create a pro-Western post-Assad government

FSA Training

They failed in all three missions due to the fact that although the Syrian Army is for the most part made up of “oppressed” Sunni muslims the army stayed together and moral is still very high. The U.S. has no other option than to follow Putin’s plans for Syria, and the U.S. is not going to like this.

According to sources President Assad will stay in power until the end of his term in 2014. He will probably be allowed to be a candidate in the new elections. Furthermore the different rebel groups will be cached in into separate sectors under their own control. Everything under the supervision of Russia.

It was fun seeing Dutch Foreign Minister Timmermans and France President Hollande crawl on their knees to Moscow trying to get a piece of the Syrian pei.

As I stated in my previous article this time the CIA regime-change has failed, thanks to the Syrian people and the loyalty of the Syrian Arab Army. The sooner the West admits their defeat the more lives of innocent civilians will be saved.


BBC: Analysis: US Syria strategy aims to salvage reputation

The US priority now is less to accelerate regime change than it is to salvage the West’s reputation in Syria and make a belated effort to weaken the jihadist forces which have done so well out of this protracted struggle.

Told you so 🙂