Death By Necktie


One day something happened to me. A friend I was driving with threw a candy wrap out of the window into the street. I was livid. But he had a compelling excuse for that. To avoid retelling the story, I will just copy a short passage from my novel which happens to relay the gist of that moment and the theory behind it, with some enhancement.

Sophia, the main character, is in her magazine’s car, with a driver, Dwight.

Dwight accepts [the candy] gladly. Then, discreetly, he opens a slit in his window and throws the candy wrapper into the street. Sophia is baffled.
And she just can’t see such a thing without saying something. Fuck – they will have
to go back to square one.
“What was that” she asks, no inflection.
“That what?” he says, a hint of negligence in his tone.
“You. You tossed the wrapper…

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