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Syria-120-animated-flag-gifsToday june 29th, 2013 the obvious happend. After the victory at Al-Qusayr the next logical step for the Syrian Army (SAA) was the city of Homs. But the SAA started sending lots of fighters to Aleppo and also started shelling the city from the ground and from the air.

Even some rebel websites warned that this was only to undermine the rebels in Homs, who had been complaining for weeks about not getting any new arms/munitions. Rebels send all their reserves to Aleppo.

So today the Battle for Homs began with intense shelling and troops moving in. At this time there is not much information about the situation in the city because all comunication is cut off.

Here some video’s of the start of the operation.

Shops are closed in rebel occupied areas:

More shelling of rebel positions:

Begging for arms 🙂

Here a situation map from this evening (based on rebel data)

Homs situ 20130629

Bless the Syrian Army.

UPDATE: 30th june, 2013 Rebels inside Homs complaining about the lack of food and ammo. Army reinforcements pouring in. This won’t take long.