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Note: Whenever there is no question mark at the end of the question, or whenever any other punctuation is lacking, it’s because the person speaking has been interrupted or has been aided in his/her speech (usually “his”).

PS: So first can you do a cold reading of me? It’s not gonna be so cold, of course, you already have some information.

MS: I sense you are a very intuitive woman; very intelligent, thoughtful, people have great affection for you, your skills in the way of communication, you are pretty open-minded because you travel a lot, you are open to new experiences, you are very liberal

PS: What does that mean?

MS: You’re liberal, a champion for equal rights around the world. I say you are tough-minded because you had many experiences and you won’t take bullshit from people. I’d say you are between introverted and extroverted, you spend a lot…

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