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Guest post by @_sarina_s
Syria-120-animated-flag-gifsPeople mention the suffering of the every religious group or sect in Syria being the Christians, Druze, Kurds etc, except for the Alawites.

For Christians, lets not forget the people of Hamydieh in Homs city. It now looks similar to a destruction zone.
They were expelled from various towns & villages around Homs. Many found refuge in Safita & Tartous while others fled the country. There are also Christians missing (kidnapped) or have been murdered. As I said many go to safer areas inside Syria.

But lets also not forget the massacres in, Homs- Aqrab, Karam Al Zeitoun, and there are more in Homs. People went missing in Homs in Feb 2012, they actually got abducted by the FSA just for being Alawites. Many Alawites walk around with hand grenades now, just in case they get caught.

The Alawites are suffering just as other minorities. Them, their homes or belongings are being targeted by FSA. But you never read anything about that.
Many in the media don’t report or mention the Alawites or simply demonize them because ” this is the sect of President Assad”

assad-and-wife-saidaonlineThey write about all minorities but don’t acknowledge the Alawites. But they also have lost a lot in this crisis.
You’ll find majority of Alawites are much poorer than others in Syria, but they just want existence, nothing else.
Even the Alawites in Lebanon-Jabal Mohsen are some of the poorest people there. Existence that’s all they ask for.

Everyone who is suffering in this crisis should be remembered, Christians, Druze, Alawites, moderate Sunnis etc. They are all suffering from Islamic extremism just like Jews in Tunisia & Coptic Egyptians.