lebanon.flag.waving.1 I particularly love this poem. Because it is the proof that Gibran was truly a Prophet.
Because it is the fiercest warning Gibran gave to fit Lebanon and any other nation.
Gibran warned us a century before.
The funny or somehow ridiculous thing about us in Lebanon that we have the memory of a fish : we read, we ignore, we fall, we bleed, then we forget.
Everything Gibran warned us about is happening today: Above the already present sectarianism extremism is slowly usurping the country and each religion thinks it has its own “nation”. We eat what we don’t harvest, we destroy our heritage, real Lebanese art is not given any single importance, but ridiculous shameful “mimics and patches”, pathetic and talentless artists nowadays are the ones who take the biscuit because they have… MONEY and CONNECTIONS.
Gibran would be rolling in his tomb.
I am sure that Gibran is the one who is mourning Lebanon because:
“Pity the nation that acclaims the bully as hero.”

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