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Al Noor School, Brooklyn, New York

Children as Young as 9-Years-old Now Exhibiting the Signs of Radicalization

by, Barry Duke | The Free Thinker

Three disturbing reports about Muslim extremism in the UK have emerged this weekend.

The first alleges that the Birmingham City Council has uncovered plans by fundamentalist Salafists to take over secular schools and turn them into into faith-based academies run on Islamic principles.

Documents, purportedly from “disaffected Muslim parents” who want the faith-based schools, call for an end to:

Corrupting children with sex education, teaching about homosexuals, making their children say Christian prayers and mixed swimming and sports.

If proven bone fide, the documents will be a further blow to the government’s free school’s programme, dogged by the closure of the Al-Madinah school in Derby after Ofsted found it failing in every respect, and reports children were being segregated by sex and non-Muslim members of staff being told to wear Islamic…

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