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I call myself an anarcho-atheist.

By this I mean that I don’t believe in a God or some other superstitional figure.

And unfortunately most governments are still very much influenced by religion.

Therefore I don’t believe in governments or political systems either.

Religion and political systems both share the same principle: You have to suffer now for some reward in the future.  Only this future never comes.

Worst of all is the Democracy. This is in fact the most racist form of government because it legalizes the majority to rule over the minorities.

So to stay with both feet in real live: Everybody can believe what he wants but don’t ask me to respect his believes or live according to them. I realize that there has to be some kind of government but please let it be as small and powerless as possible.

I don’t want to call myself a Freethinker. A bit hard with my nick 🙂

Here is an example of how I got my nick. My tumor was a bit larger (4.5 cm.)  and it took them 15 hours to get it out of my skull.  One can imagine the jokes afterwards.

P.S. This is not me.

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